Skylight Solar Shades F.A.Q.

Q. How do I install the skylight cover, is it hard?

Insallation only takes a few minutes, requires no special skills or any tools. Installation instructions are included in the package. The skylight Solar Shade is installed with a nylon rope in a seam around the Solar Shade. The Solar Shade is notched so that the rope is out of the seam at the four corners. This rope is drawn up under the lip of the skylight at the corners. Just like a fitted sheet for a mattress - a total hassle-free solution.

Q. How can I figure out which size to order?

Check out the skylight Solar Shades measuring instructions page for more information about how to order the perfect skylight Solar Shade for your home or business. There is a convient downloadable measuring guide, or give us call.

Q. Do you remove them in the Winter?

No, our skylight shades work year around, are transparent from the inside and don't require seasonal removal.

Q. How much light does it block?

Skylight Shades are the perfection solution because they will block 80% of the sun's heat and ultra-violet rays (UV), while allowing 75% of the natural light and not obstructing the view. A 90% block material is available for a slight premium

Q. How long will they last?

10-20 years. Things that effect the longevity of the skylight shade are how much sunlight exposure base on location of skylight and if it's flat or domed. Flat skylight shades tend to last longer.

Q. How long has this company been in business?

Solar Shades skylight Solar Shades has been in business since 1984. For over 26 years we have installed over 10,000 skylight shades of the highest quality. We are customer top rated. See our testimonials and customer reviews.

Q. Will they blow off in a thunderstorm?

No, the skylight shade material open weave which does not catch in the wind. There are no metal parts in the skylight Solar Shade and it will not support combustion. All of our skylight shades are made using 100% domestic material.

Q. Do you take Credit Cards?

Yes! All major credit cards accepted.
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Q. How soon can you ship?

Solar Shades Skylight Covers are manufactured and shipped out within 3 business days after order is received.

Q. How much do they cost?

We pride ourselves at having the most affordable easy and hassle-free skylight shades online. Skylight cover quotes are based on size and shape and are the same regardless of manufacturer. All pricing quotes are free and good for 30 days. Shiping quotes are valid for one week. We will be happy to requote at any time.

Q. Do they come in different colors?

The material is made in 5 different colors, two different densities and 6 roll widths. We do not always have stock on every combination. We will be happy to advise what is available before you order..