How to Measure your Skylight

Three Steps to getting the perfect skylight cover

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Flat top or Domed top?

Please examine your skylight from the outside to determine if the top of the skylight is flat or is dome-shaped (concave, not flat). You will likely not be able to tell for sure by looking through the inside of the skylight.

Flat top skylight shape for skylight cover

Domed top skylight shape for skylight cover

Common Sizes for Skylight Covers

All measurements must be taken from the OUTSIDE, not the inside.
The sizes below are the most common sizes; however, many other sizes exist.

2' x 4'
2' x 6'
2' x 8'
3' x 5'
4' x 6'

2' x 2'
3' x 3'
4' x 4'
6' x 6'

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